Spring into action..

As the birds have been chirping away outside already the last couple of weeks we are reminded of Spring. Spring clean up is vital to maintain your property and keep a healthy landscape.


Early April: Remove winter tree wrap from tree.

Remove excess mulch from trees. Spring is the wettest time of year, the mulch is needed the least at this time.

Rake all lawn areas of leftover sticks, pine needles, winter debris.

Aerate your lawn. Aeration allows for greater movement of water, fertlizer and air which stimulates healthy turf.

Fertilize your lawn in Spring to give it a boost.

Weed removal. It is key to begin early and continue maintenance of removal to avoid spreading issues.

Planting beds: weed control in bed areas is very important in the spring. You will want a leg up on weeds. If weeds are allowed to run wild in the spring you will have headache later in the summer.

Assess the size and configuration of your lawn and how much water you will need to keep it green.

Consult a with a landscape specialist about how you can design your landscape to make it more attractive sustainable and functional. Call Chicago Service Group, this is our area of expertise.

Early May: Time to start up the irrigation system.

Call Chicago Service Group, Inc. for your irrigation needs. It is important to pressurize your irrigation system and check for any leaks and proper spray distribution. Adjust angle of the sprinkler heads. Check irrigation equipment for clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads for damage. Chicago Service Group Inc. can handle all your irrigation maintenance needs.

Spring clean up is a time honored tradition among gardens. After a long winter it is time to freshen up the landscape as it springs to life.